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Shotgun Shell Box Carrier- What will you carry in yours? A Hornstone New Release

Leon . cartridge pouch clay pigeon shooting New product

The all new RGB25 Shell Carrier. 

Ok so I have been testing this little pouch for  couple of months and tweaking the design slightly, I actually set about designing this pouch for myself as I wanted to carry a spare box of 25 x 12g hung from the back of my belt as I like to be mobile and free of bag straps etc. I came up with this design which I managed to keep as small as possible.

Second criteria was for it to be light and unobtrusive so it could be used in a hide or woodland without getting snagged up, so off I went to the workshop leather racks and bingo their was a freshly delivered waxed leather in a distressed brown finish perfect!! This new leather has a special light wax coating which helps repel water together with that really cool old school look.  Transferring the pattern to the leather and two cups of tea later (+ half pack of jammy dodgers) and voila the prototype RGB25 was born.  The first outing with a group of friends ending up with me making a further 6 prototypes Ha! next time I'll go on me own! Further prototypes dished out and away we went on a second trip and this is when I realised this pouch would have to be added to the Hornstone product list, at the end of a long day everyone in the group wanted to keep the prototypes so I knew I wouldn't be paying for drinks for a while.

I gathered the feedback added some modifications such as a strengthening piece to the front with a double shell holder and the obligatory brass eyelet for drainage the prototype had just grown up.

Since the prototypes were given out I have kept a close eye on how these pouches have been put to use, now apart from 12gauge I have been told these are perfect for 28 gauge and 410. shells. Also been spotted carrying sandwiches, bottles of water, gloves, glasses a camera yes a camera! and a pack of cheese and onion crisps.  

The pouch will fit belts up to 50mm wide and just so you can all try one out I have kept the price at a very reasonable £33.99 so give one a go and let me know what you carry and how you put it to good use. Everyone who sends in a picture putting the pouch to good use will have their name put in a hat first name drawn will get a Handmade full Bridle belt with brass buckle courtesy of Hornstone. Draw date December 1st 2016. Email your pics to 

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