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About us

My introduction to leather came early in my working career once I had joined the Household Cavalry where I became most efficient in polishing my boots to the highest order! I served in the Blues and Royals for many years until injury changed my path and led me into leather craft.
I began by specialising in the restoration of classic car interiors. Over a period of ten years, I worked on many famous cars.    As my family life developed, I moved to Derbyshire where an interest in the rural community and the hunt sparked my ideas for Hornstone.  A basic start, my business began in a small shared workshop where my skills in car trimming were put to use.  Initially, I designed and made some Shotgun Cartridge Pouches for a friend that proved effective in function and design. Popular, I gladly received orders for more as my designs became noticed.  Eventually, I took the plunge and launched Hornstone as a web-based company and from that point, I haven't looked back.   
Hornstone is now a specialised British company.  Our ethos is ‘functionality, quality and fine craftsmanship’.  This enables us to produce and supply products worldwide. As of March 2020 we produce solely in the UK from a home-based workshop and are proud of our products and the Hornstone name. We use traditional leatherworking techniques such as hand cutting and finishing. We also use fine English saddle stitch to enhance some of our products. All our products are hand-made.   
Designs include a range of classic and modern shotgun cartridge pouches and shooting accessories; all made from some of the finest British materials including Harris Tweed, leather and cotton. We produce a range of shotgun cartridge pouches suitable for Clay pigeon and field shooting. We also produce belts and smaller leather shooting accessories; many of which can be personalised with initials making perfect gifts. We produce all year round and, due to the nature of handmade, we are able to cater our designs and colours to customer requirements so please do not hesitate to ask if you require something personalised.
Thanks for dropping by.