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Sling Dark Green English Bridle Leather

Hornstone England

Sling Dark Green English Bridle Leather


Rifle Sling Dark Green

Our new strong leather rifle sling made from a single length of Bridle Leather with a sliding shoulder pad, cut from the finest English Bridle Leather.

  • 2 x brass screw fittings at each end.
  • Single piece strap with no joins.
  • Sliding shoulder pad.
  • Adjustable length 34" to 38"(We can make these to any length required)
  • 25 mm strap width
  • Optional add initials to the shoulder pad

This new range of rifle slings are all made in house with hand-stitching to the shoulder pad for superior strength. This item can be customised to a 20mm width and any length required can also be made so just get in touch at 

This item is made to order and our current order book timescales are displayed at the top of each page on the website. 


To fit this sling you will need to start by removing the brass compression fittings by unscrewing the head with a screwdriver, slide the sling through your rifle mounting points.

Start at the top fixing area of the sling by fitting the brass fittings through the two holes, finger tighten the fittings to allow for the lining up of the two holes at this point you can add a drop of semi permanent thread lock if desired.

Repeat the process at the lower part of the sling but this time remember to add the sliding keeper before passing through the rifle mounts then back into the keeper, line up the desired holes to give the length required, again finger tighten the screws and once the holes are lined up tighten the screw head.


The leather can be cleaned with a good quality saddle soap and a soft cloth to buff.

Once cleaned use our recommended Sedgwick leather wax to all the leather parts and allow to dry. Once dry you can buff with a soft cloth or shoe brush for a deep sheen finish, cleaning and applying wax on a regular basis will keep the leather nourished and aid with weatherproofing.

We do stock saddle soap and wax in our website under the leather care section. 

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